A New Twirling Event!

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Twirl: The Competition is a new and exciting contest for twirlers of all ages and skill levels.  This is an open event and twirlers from all organizations are welcome!  Our next competition will be held on April 24, 2021, in Florence, Alabama! 


We are super excited to host Twirl: The Competition on the campus of Florence High School in the "Dome" gymnasium.   Great ceiling height and plenty of space for all twirlers! Registration will be open from 2/1/2021-3/31/2021.   

Event Location: Florence High School

1201 Bradshaw Drive

 Florence, Al 35630


Solo Routine Guidelines.


*Please note we have adjusted the total number of wins per category to better reflect current twirling organizations. To determine your level of competition please use the following guidelines:

*First Time - First time to compete as a soloist. If you have competed as a soloist regardless of placement, you are ineligible for this category. (Team entries do not count towards eligibility.)

*This category is only available for the First-time Twirler Title Event.

The Level you enter is based on your solo ranking. 

Novice -no more than 4 first-place wins. 

beginner - no more than 8 first-place wins.

Intermediate - no more than 12 first-place wins. 

Advanced - 13 first-place wins or more.


(*1st place wins where you were the only one competing in a category do not count towards advancement) 


solo ages are as follows: (age as of competition date 4/24/21) 

  • Tiny Twirlers (0-5.99)

  • Juvenile (6-9)

  • Tween (10-12)

  • Junior (13-15)

  • senior (16-18)

  • collegiate/Adult (19+)

First Time - Limited to the following: 

  • 1 Two Turn

  • 1 Gymnastics move (without release)

  • 4 continuous rolls

*This category is only available for the First-time Twirler Title Event.

    For Solo Only

Novice - Limited to the following:

  • 2 two turns

  • 1 gymnastics move (with or without release)

  • 4 continuous rolls


  • 2 two turns

  • 1 three turns

  • 2 gymnastics moves (with or without release)

  • 8 continuous rolls

intermediate - limited to the following:

  • 2 three turns

  • 1 four turn

  • 2 gymnastics moves (with or without release)

  • 8 continuous rolls

advanced - Limited to the following:

  • 4 Turns with various catches

  • 1 five turn

  • 4 gymnastics moves (with or without release)

  • 10 continuous rolls

a competitor can only compete in one level/age group for solo events (no double entering)



team Routine Guidelines.

To determine your level of competition please use the following guidelines:

Novice/beginner -no more than 4 first-place wins 

Intermediate/Advanced - 5 or more first-place wins 

(*1st place wins where you were the only one competing in a category do not count towards advancement) 

Teams consist of 4 or more members (select categories allow for 2-3 members.)  see exact event for guidelines.

Team ages are the average age of the group as of (4/24/2021): 

  • Tiny Twirlers (0-6)

  • Juvenile (7-9)

  • Tween (10-12)

  • Junior (13-15)

  • Senior (16-18)

  • collegiate/adult (19+)

Middle/high school/collegiate teams all must be enrolled in the same school to compete in that category. Studio teams can consist of twirlers from different schools that make up one team.  

Teams may not compete against themselves in any category or any level. 

*a twirler may compete on both a middle/high school team and studio team if more than 75% of the members are different. 

*Studio & School Teams may be combined to offer more competition if not enough are entered in a category. 

Teams will be divided into Small (4-8 members), Large (9-12 members) XL (13 plus)

gymnastics/props are allowed for most categories.  see the specific categories for rules:

Dance Teams will be divided by Age & Group Size. All Levels will compete against Those in their Age/Group Size.  No Tap Dancing will be Allowed. ​



Miscellaneous Guidelines.



All music must be provided on CD prior to your scheduled performance time.  CD's must be labeled with name and music title.  please bring a backup copy.  

twirling, tennis, or jazz shoes are the only shoes allowed on the gym floor. (no tap, heels, or dress shoes)

No late entries will be accepted. (see the deadline on the registration page)

Payment must be made at the time of registration either by cashiers check or money order.

No admission will be charged at the door. 


A $10 facility fee will be added to your total.


No refunds or future credits for missed performances. (this also includes weather)

Concessions will be provided. No outside food may be brought in.

All soloists and groups must check-in at the registration table. One adult may check-in all teams. 

Contest Director: Mary Anne spears, email:

Payments must be made via Cashiers Check or Money Order made to "Take the Stage Twirling Studio"

Mail to 303 Heatherton Road, Florence, AL 35633.

Entries/Payments postmarked after the cutoff date of 3/31/2021 will be returned.  No late entries will be accepted.  

*A note about Covid-19. we will continue to monitor the current situation concerning covid-19 leading up to the competition.  rules/guidelines will be put into place to ensure the safety of both competitors and guests. this could include but is not limited to masks, social distancing, and capacity limits. All competitors will be required to sign a waiver upon registration. since this situation is constantly changing/evolving we will announce the official guidelines closer to the competition.   

Also, Depending on the number of entries the competition may be divided into two sessions based on age. (Morning/Afternoon) Once all submissions are in you will receive notice of your scheduled session.  Also, we are limiting the number of submissions for the contest so that we can stay within the capacity limits of the venue. Registration will close on 3/31/21 or once maximum attendance is reached.  the number of guests that can attend with each twirler will be determined on the total number registered for the event. Each twirler will be issued armbands for their guests to use to gain entry into the gymnasium.    

*Please note the following change: Admission will not be charged at the door. there will a $10 facility fee per family due with registration.